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”We loved the mood and the relaxed feeling we got from our very first tour of the farm. You get the sense that you're far away from town, even though you're really close to downtown Chapel Hill and Carrboro.”
-Debbie & Kevin

”A wonderful party place. It is quiet and serene but also casual and laid back. A great place for a wedding and I have done many there through the years! The big old tree, the rolling meadows and the pond make a lovely backdrop for a wedding. -Reverend Kayelily Middleton”

”Perfect place. Reserved for the entire weekend and affordable. Married outside under the oak tree and had the reception inside. Mr. Snipes is very helpful and helped recommend places for rentals and food.”
-Lorraine and Greg

”Great spot for a wedding. Some friends were recently married there under a huge oak tree, in front of a lovely pond with birds cawwing in the background. They used all live music with guitars and strings--very nice. The reception hall was very fun and unique--a very nice place-”

”It is pretty and rustic but not too rustic...I went to a potluck wedding there and it was just beautiful.”

”Snipes Farm Retreat in Chapel Hill fit Delaney and Jake's dream site for their wedding. It is an old dairy farm with barn and silo, now converted to a great casual party place out in the country.”
-Reverend Kayelily Middleton

”This venue was reasonable priced for our Fall wedding and had all the space we need. Mr. Snipes was a pleasure to work with and we loved the rustic feel to the retreat.”

”We have done nearly 50 (amd more this year coming) weddings and holiday parties at theis out-of-the-twon, but close by venue. Reasonably priced for most any event, great for the low-key, high fun wedding reception (and wedding ceremony!) A real favortie of the ncwedingdj---for many years. Ample by-the-door parking.”

”Definitely this is a unique and relaxed venue! It's off the beaten path! I am really looking forward to photographing another wedding there this fall.”
-Kate M. Photographer